DIY liquor infusions are fast becoming apopular trend. Here’s how you can be yourown mixologist over the weekend.

By Meher Bajwa

Gin can be an unpredictable playmate but its multifaceted, complex flavours make it an interesting catalyst for spice infusions.Here’s what you need to make your own fennel-flavoured concoction at home: 500 ml of gin; ½ stalk of fresh fennel; peel of one lemon; a few dashes of cracked pepper; 8-10 black peppercorns. The mixologist’s way: Chop the head and tail off the fennel and slice it finely. Put all the ingredients into a mason jar and fill it up with gin. Seal, shake and wait for 24 hours before you make a drink. Serve chilled.

If this experiment goes awry, just head over to the newly re-launched  B Bar, New Delhi, because their mixologist, Edwen Rose, mixes up a cracker of a Gin Pearl with fennel-infused gin, vermouth and Maraschino cherry liqueur—lip-smackingly  good stuff.

photograph by PRIYANKA DASS