Recipe:Summer Crunch


Fresh rolls win our vote for the easiest warm-weather snack made in under five minutes.

Planning a poolside soirée? All you need is a crate of chilled beer and these delicately seasoned, all-veg, crunchy canapés to satisfy those midday munchies. Skip the gourmet caterer and roll your own Vietnamese snacks in under five minutes.
THE INGREDIENTS (For 10 rolls) ½ packet rice or glass noodles, cooked as per instructions; 12 rice paper wrappers; 10 Bibb lettuce leaves; 10 fresh basil leaves; one cup finely shredded carrot; one cup cucumber cut into thin strips;
one cup bean sprouts.

Pour one inch of warm water in a large shallow bowl. Dip one sheet of rice paper into the water until it is soft and moist (5-10 seconds). Place the sheet on a clean board. Place one lettuce leaf, one basil, one-tenth each of the noodles, bean sprouts, carrots and cucumber in the centre of the sheet. To make the roll, first fold the edge closest to you over the filling. Fold over the two sides so the only open side is the one away from you. Now roll tightly from the front to close the roll. Press the seam down and seal with some warm water if needed.  Serve these with your favourite dipping sauce—we prefer the saltiness of soy or roasted chilli