Elena Fernandes



This this sexy peruvian supermodel is poised fora takeover. We’re just going to sit back, relax and watch it unfold.

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Describe a model’s travelling life for us...

Lots of airmiles equals upgrades.

Your father is Goan and your mother is Peruvian. Does that make you a Spanish-Hindi speaking hybrid?

I’m like the Toyota hybrid (laughs). My mother taught me Spanish from a young age and French was compulsory at school. Hindi is still work in progress. I love being able to practise daily and working with my teacher to nail it fluently so that I can communicate with everyone.

So, you have a law degree and you’re a model. Could that lead to some kind of superhero career soon?

I like the sound of that (laughs). To be honest I have huge goals and ambitions that I want to turn into reality. My international managers as well as my Indian managers have a plan in place to turn my dreams into reality. The benefit of my law career is that I can always double check my contracts and understand the lingo!

You live in at least three countries at one time. What’s that like?

Most of my time I spend in the U.S., London or India. Last year I spent quite a bit of time in Spain and Paris which was a beautiful cultural experience. I think India shaped my personality the most as it was a big culture shock. But it taught me to be appreciative and value life. In Mumbai, those who do not have much are still so happy and kind, it really touches your heart. Working in New York taught me you have to be a tough cookie and to bring your A-Game all the time. Everyday is a runway moment in New York, even if you are quickly going to your local deli. 

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I love editorial shoots! With editorial shoots you’ll always have that print memory. I love meeting talented individuals from different walks of life. I love my career, maybe
not the early call times as much (giggles).
I am excited to use my experience as a model in the next chapter of my life in terms of Bollywood.

Is it cool if a guy walks up to you at fashion week?

Don’t be scared guys, we [models] don’t bite! It’s best if a guy is just himself. We’re human too. And if you could sneak us some fries when our agents aren’t looking, then you’re our Prince Charming (laughs)!

Do you have to workout everyday?

You actually don’t have to workout everyday. Healthy living is more of a lifestyle change. I personally love to workout every day as it gives that little bounce to my step. It’s also the one normal thing I can do to keep myself grounded and sane in the ever-changing fashion world. In India, I workout with Harrison of MFT Harrison James who has nicknamed me ‘Kill-ena’. He does a lot of Stud training with me using my own body weight. Even though the sessions are fast and furious, the results are instant. Honestly, he’s the only trainer who wants me to eat carbs—magic words for everyone! I actually sneaked in a few Pringles earlier, so when my trainers see this interview I’m sure they’ll make me do a 1,000 squats!

Were you an athletic girl growing up?

Growing up with four brothers I’ve always been into sports. I’ve loved swimming. I find it so relaxing—I think I might have been Little Mermaid in another life. At school, I was captain of the school netball team for five straight years. I wouldn’t let anyone take my crown. I do love being lazy though. Watching TV, playing with my pets and not moving all day—days like that are heaven for me. 

Do supermodels binge-watch TV too?

Over the break I was obsessed with Netflix. I really got into American Horror Story. I love horror and thrillers, so I really enjoyed it. Jessica Lange is an incredible actress. I was also able to catch up on Homeland and I ended up just re-watching the whole series. As I’m constantly travelling, I fall behind, so it’s always a game of catch-up.

I’ve been stalking you on Instagram and noticed you love taking selfies. What’s the latest selfie trend?

I’m guilty! I mean who doesn’t love a selfie? To be honest, I just love showing off the make-up and hair looks, hence the selfies. Sometimes the light is just so good that you can’t help yourself. People are really becoming aware of lighting and contrast—it can make a huge difference to the outcome of a photo. A photo taken outside at 2 p.m. in the harsh sun is massively different from one taken just before the sun peaks. You’ve got to know your lighting, people!