Core Physics

Become a powerful beast and thump your chest once you’ve mastered these moves.


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To perform most sports moves and carry more than five kilos, you need a strong core. Use these moves from certified fitness instructor Vesna P. Jacob to engage your core muscles and condition, strengthen and tone your entire body. Remember to thump your chest and growl like a gorilla to stake your claim to the treadmill-friendly hottie. At least till her 72-kg boyfriend turns up. Then, run!

the High Plank Balance yourself with your hands slightly turned in. Stretch one leg backwards, tuck in your toes, inhale. While exhaling, stretch your other leg outwards and lift yourself off the ground. Hold till the count of five without sinking between your shoulder blades. Your hips should be parallel to the ground, elbows slightly relaxed and legs stretched out. Repeat.

the Timber Hold the high plank position and, without stressing the shoulders, slowly move back and forth. Your body should remain rigid throughout the movement. Maintain a stiff body with core muscles engaged and hips parallel to the ground. Start moving forward and backward. Repeat 10 times. Inhale while moving forward and exhale while moving backwards.

the One leg up This is a challenging exercise, hairy one, so be careful. Start with the high plank, inhale and, while exhaling, lift one leg upwards without losing the proper posture or your balance. Hold the leg in the same position for a count of three and then change sides. Repeat the same on the other side. During this exercise, your shoulders should remain relaxed, arms stable, elbows relaxed and hips parallel to the ground.

The Table Top This looks more difficult than it actually is. Sit with your legs fully extended and feet flexed at shoulder-width. Your spine should be straight, arms on the sides of your hips, and fingers should face the feet. As you inhale, lift your hips off the ground by shifting the weight onto your heels and arms. Keep going upwards, till your back, head and neck are parallel to the ground. Arms and legs must remain at 90º angle. Hold your breath for a moment and, as you exhale, come back to the start. Repeat thrice and relax.

The Leg Raise Lie on your back with arms by your side and feet flexed. As you inhale, lift up your head and legs, keeping your knees straight. Do not arch your back. Exhale through the nose and simultaneously lower your arms and head. Repeat thrice and relax. Too much? First bend your knees, then raise your legs.