Really Big Boy Rules

Does an exercise regimen that requires you to eat like a beast and then take a long nap sound appealing?


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Eat and Sleep Sumo wrestlers don’t eat breakfast. You train till you’re starving, then have a lunch that’s so big you feel like you can’t eat for days. They eat chankonabe, a stew of chicken or fish with vegetables and rice. It’s healthy, but they eat three huge bowls of it, then sleep all afternoon. That’s how they gain weight. (Puny one, aim for 5,000–10,000 calories a day.)

Stomp The workout starts and ends with Shiko: the stomping of the feet. It’s a two-legged stance, a little wider than your shoulders. Squat so your butt is below your knees, then lean and lift each leg straight up, sideways, alternating. Sumo wannabes do it to the point of exhaustion. And if the master’s in a bad mood, they will do 1,000 in a day. Too much for your chicken legs? Try regular squats.

Split Between the leg stomping, Sumo wrestlers stretch. Flexibility is everything in this sport, even though they are mammoth humans. They stretch their bodies till they can do the splits. They also do squats with a guy sitting on their backs as well as duck walking: Get into a squatting position and walk around like that. It’s also done to exhaustion. And they do this every day. Still think it’s easy?