2013 Range Rover

RR RR 13MY Off-Road Morocco 03 Lead

The 2013 Range Rover has everything one would expect in a luxury SUV.

The new Range Rover is the fourth marque since it was introduced in 1970. The biggest change is the use of an all-aluminium monocoque body which is 39 percent lighter than the steel body in the outgoing model. Land Rover’s engineering brains have combined a state-of-the-art lightweight structure with substantial weight reductions throughout the vehicle to deliver total weight savings of an incredible 420 kg. The SUV boasts two options in petrol (5.0-litre 375 PS LR-V8 and 510PS LR-V8 Supercharged) and two in diesel (3.0-litre 258PS TDV6 and 4.4-litre 339PS SDV8) engines, all of which are paired with a smooth and responsive eight-speed automatic transmission. The interior is packed with a full suite of premium features. Yeah, name it and it’s there, including an all-leather look. With a staggering 700 Nm produced between 1,750 rpm and 3,000 rpm, the diesel SDV8 delivers completely effortless performance, surging from 0‑100 kmph in just 6.9 seconds. Gents: Staring is now allowed. Ladies, please buckle up!