Audi R8 V-10 Plus


The all-new Audi R8 V-10 Plus is the most exhilarating Audi ever. You don’t feel the kick when sprinting from 0–100 km in 3.5 seconds.

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Driving the Audi R8 V-10 Plus is like taking an amusement park ride on which you are bound to clutch the side-handles. Powered by a 5.2 FSI V-10 engine with high-revving concept, the V-10 Plus races from 0–100 km in 3.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 317 kmph. It is propelled by 550 hp at 8,000 rpm and 540 Nm at 6,500 rpm of torque. Thanks to lightweight aluminium construction, this mid-engine top-of-the-line model with automatic transmission weighs 1,595 kg. The seven-speed S-tronic transmission has made the V-10 Plus more dynamic than ever before. The exteriors have been honed by restructuring all-LED headlights. The single-frame grille, the redesigned diffuser and the large, round tailpipes are seriously eye-catching.


Engine 5.2 FSI V-10

Power 550 hp @ 8,000 rpm

Torque 540 Nm @ 6,500 rpm

Top Speed 317 kmph

Drive Type All-wheel