Anushka Manchanda

Anushka Maxim

Super sexy and talented Anushka Manchanda loves Maxim and we love her back! The actor-singer talks about her Maxim debut. “I was really excited that everyone at Maxim was really open to doing something so cool and exciting. Because a lot of the times magazines are extremely set in their ways and they don’t want to move away from the conventional.”

Talking about Maxim's #MakeHerSmile campaign, Anushka insists it's very important for men to make them happy. “Well, I can tell you that if she isn’t happy, she is going to give you hell.” We ask her what her ideal date be like... “Take me on a trek or a hike. Take me to a jungle, anywhere. As long as I have a tent, I’m sorted. Pack some food and that’s it. I’m happy to be out in nature. I like to eat but I don’t particularly like to go out for dinner. Yes, I’m the kind of girl who likes to get her hands dirty.”





Photographs by Taras Taraporvala
Styled by Shaleena Nathani
Hair & Make-Up by Sonam Chandna


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