Adriana Lima's "Angelic" Journey

Adriana Lima Lead Kiss

Brazilian goddess, Adriana Lima, is the longest-running Victoria's Secret angel in history (from 2000 till date) and she says she won't be leaving the team any time soon. Sweet. Her fellow angels call her Angel Grandma, but in our eyes she's the hottest MILF on the planet. #ForeverLust

Here's a look back at her Victoria's Secret Journey — 15 years of stunning runway struts and sexy-as-hell lingerie.

YEAR: 2000

2000 112000 322000 47


YEAR: 2001

Adriana Lima 2001 VS Shows
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YEAR: 2002

Adriana Lima 2002 VS Show
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YEAR: 2003

Adriana Lima 2003 Vs Show
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YEAR: 2005

Adriana Lima 2005
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YEAR: 2006

Adriana Lima 2006
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YEAR: 2007

Adriana Lima 2007
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YEAR: 2008

Adriana Lima 2008
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YEAR: 2010

Adriana Lima 2010
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YEAR: 2011

Adriana Lima 2011
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YEAR: 2012

Adriana Lima 2012
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YEAR: 2013

Adriana Lima 2013
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YEAR: 2014

Adriana Lima 2014
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YEAR: 2015

Adriana Lima 2015
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