Aditi Rao Hydari


The sexy girl with the beautiful eyes is here. With her maxim debut, Aditi Rao Hydari will light up your life!

Aditi Rao Hydari is supremely comfortable with her body. It shows in the way she carries herself. In the way she holds your attention. And in the way she knows you want her to make waves. In a MAXIM exclusive, the girl of the moment talks about her likes, what she looks for in a man (we’ve taken extensive notes) and how the movies have given her a new glimpse into herself.

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Hi, Aditi! Welcome to MAXIM! This is your debut and we couldn’t have asked for a better introduction. How do you feel?

Hi, guys! I’ve always wanted to be on the maxim cover. Your shoots are different because, in them, it’s just you. There is nothing over-the-top fashion-y about them. I wasn’t afraid before the shoot, or during it. But I did get a little apprehensive after that.

Well, no one has shoots like ours and we guess this shoot is like nothing you’ve done before. How was the experience?

I’m quite a water-baby. So, the swimwear was a lot of fun. In fact, every time I got out of the pool to be clicked in a different style, I wanted to go back in. I was so comfortable because the team was very supportive. When creative people understand you, they are able to bring out that something special in you. I hope your readers enjoy the pictures, too.

We’re sure they will, unless they’re... you know, stupid. You’re a multi-talented person: A classical dancer, a singer and an actor. Which one is your first love?

I think music and dance are a part of my core. I cannot separate them from me. They are like a thread that weaves me together. Acting is an expression of all that I am and I believe that acting is the culmination of many art forms.

You come from a well-known family. How was it growing up?

I am blessed that my family is liberated, so there was an emphasis on providing the right kind of environment to grow up in. Yet, I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted. They never put any pressure on me. I learnt to do things well for myself.

Classical Bharatanatyam dancer to a hottie actor, how’s the journey been?

Everyone in school would say that she’s an actress, a drama queen, nautankibaaz… I’d imitate Donald Duck. I’d stand in front of a mirror and narrate dialogues, enact scenes from movies. So, I always knew I wanted to be an actor. I guess I wished so hard that it came true. I believe in miracles because when I was asked to do my first film [the Tamil movie Sringaram] I was set to go to London. But my work visa didn’t come through and the director, Sharada Ramanathan, again asked me. Now, I enjoy being in front of the camera.