A Drink With Nida Mahmood


A Sunday-afternoon beer with the quirky designer, now a Maxim debutante.

Bourbon is the sexiest drink a man can order. I especially find Boulevardier great,” confesses fashion designer and Maxim’s girl-of-the-moment Nida Mahmood, as she settles down with a glass of her favourite “mock margarita.” (We didn’t follow suit, we got a good ol’ fashioned beer.) When she isn’t running around creating fashion previews, designing for runway shows, and starring in shoots, Nida likes to enjoy a Saturday night out with her friends exploring new restaurants. She’s a self-confessed hardcore food-lover, so she’s already got us ticking off several boxes on our list! The best date night for Nida? “For me, conversation is the key. It would be perfect to be at a place with great music, but a place where you can have a conversation as well. I prefer quaint and quirky to opulent and fl ashy. So I’d love to go to a slightly edgy place,” she says, while taking a last sip of her “stirred, not shaken” mock margarita. We were a little intimidated by her cat—Mister Toff ee Tinkerbell—but we powered through. We’ve already made plans to catch up again, but Nida wants you to know one thing: No one’s ever seen her in this sexy avatar. (Relax: You can thank us later!)

Styling by Tanima Khosla; Hair & Make-Up: Pooja and Misha
Dress by Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna; Shoes by Christian Louboutin; Cuff by Swarovski