6 Minutes to Smooth

 Take some time out from your totally-free schedule and gift yourself a whole new you. Hair or face, there’s hope yet.

grooming 6 hours Lead


TO Completely refresh the body and remove dirt:

TRY FIAMA DI WILLS Men Aqua Plus Face Wash, Rs 80

TO Make skin less sensitive to shaving and prevent razor rash:

TRY NEUTROGENA MEN Razor Defence Face Scrub, Rs 525

TRY L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE Cade Aftershave Balm, Rs 1,595

CLINIQUE Skin Supplies For Men Shave Aloe Gel (at KUNCHALS), Rs 1,350

TO Revitalise your face:

TRY SHAHNAZ HUSAIN Platinum Lotus Moisture Mist, Rs 399

TO Repair cracked and dry lips:


TO Trim unwanted hair:

TRY  TRIM MEN Personal Hair Groomer (at BASECAMP), Rs 760

TO Prepare for a much smoother shave:

TRY  JAFRA MEN Dynamics Double Duty Foaming Face Scrub, Rs 490

TO Get clearer, healthy skin:

TRY  THE NATURE’S CO. Fuller’s Earth Face Pack, Rs 995

AVON Solutions Skin Strength For Men Fairness Cream With SPF 15, Rs 499

TO Add some shine to hair:

TRY 9. FOREST ESSENTIALS Bitter Orange & Cinnamon Hair Cleanser,Rs 680

 PAUL MITCHELL Gloss Drops, Rs 1,550

TO Get rid of excess facial oil:

TRY 12. BILLY JEALOUSY Combination Code Face Moisturiser With Green Tea & Aloe Vera (at THE COLLECTIVE) Rs 1,590

TO Remove puffiness around eyes and reduce dark circles:

TRY 14. OSMIUM FOR MEN Eye Gel, Rs 2,950