2013 Lucra LC470 R


Touted to be a street racer, the 2013 Lucra LC470 R races from 0–100 kmph in just 2.5 seconds. Take that, Superman!

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The name Lucra may not conjure up any memories but this boutique carmaker has designed the super-lightweight 2013 Lucra LC470 R. Its 100 percent carbon-fibre body and the AMG V-8 engine allow it to crank out 525 hp that let this two-door roadster chase the wind. The company also gives you the option of going with the GM 7-litre LS7 or the GM 6.3-litre LS3 powertrain. The LC470 R is fitted with a cold air intake so that, when you hit top speed, in excess of 300 kmph, the throttle opens up smoother than your girl’s belly. The looks perfectly match the sweet sound of the raw power, and the only way you’ll get any attention away from it is if you’re driving it with a pink beach hat. (Please don’t!)


Engine Mercedes AMG 6.3-litre V-8

0-100 kmph 2.5 seconds

Horsepower 525

Torque 630 Nm