10 Gross Bear Grylls Meals

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As Discovery's Man Vs. Wild saga gets tougher and stranger, we wonder if there's anything survivalist Bear Grylls won't eat/drink? That list is probably a short one. Filtering through the hundreds of stomach-churning lunches (his own pee?!) and dinners (Yak eyeballs) our hero has chomped on, we've really started appreciating the "art of survival" (DISCLAIMER: Most Maxim staffers would rather dine on a jug of Hoegaarden and well-cooked pork chops). But we appreciate it nonetheless.

Hold on to your barf buckets 'cause this is one nasty ride through foodville.

NUMBER 10: Bear Grylls, the tick eater.

NUMBER 9: The Bear Grylls' special Bug Burger for breakfast.


NUMBER 8: One of his more preferred beverages when out in the wild—his own urine—OUT OF A SNAKE! Savage.

NUMBER 7: The time he decided to sample some bear poop.

NUMBER 6: When he munched on a live Crucifix spider and was disappointed when it tasted like "blood, pus and brain".

NUMBER 5: "Eye'll have me some Yak!" Dead yak's eyeball to be precise. Well, when in Siberia...

NUMBER 4: We're just going to put it out there...goat testicles. By his own admission to HuffPost Live, he admitted it's the worst thing he's ever eaten, describing it as a "Vomit-Testicle Cocktail".

NUMBER 3: The time he figured a nice juicy, LIVE frog would be fun to eat.

NUMBER 2: "Just destroyed a wholemeal of...#RawSnake."

Our very own Dothraki king in the making (Don't get the Game of Thrones reference? Shame.)

PS: This dude was probably the inspiration behind the famous "Leo sleeping in a dead horse" scene from The Revenant — he actually gutted a CAMEL so he could sleep inside it!

Respect. (We think)